Seema Joshi, Pune

Hello Dr. Gauri,

First of all I would like to say a big thank you for making me comfortable with u. I have always been very scared of dental treatment and have fear about medicines. I have also always been very lazy about my treatment and try to avoid going to hospital, but when my tooth pain was un- bearable my husband forced me to check my teeth and consult the doctor.

When I came to your clinic, you explained me everything and assured me that I will not have pain during the procedure and your words were true.

Now I am feeling good and my fear has gone only b’coz of u. You are not just a doctor but a very professional and a kind hearted lady, who talks with patients very sweetly and patiently, and this is the reason, patients forget their pain when they come to u.

Once again, thanks for giving me such a wonderful treatment.

With warm regards,

Seema Joshi
Web Designer

Amol Kadam, Mumbai


It was during my final jury, that I had a severe pain in my wisdom tooth. When I went for a check-up, Dr Gauri had doubts if it was the wisdom tooth or the molar ahead causing bad pain. The molar ahead was root canal treated many years ago. So she X-rayed both the molars and cross checked it. And to the surprise, it was the 2nd molar which was causing all the pain. I got it treated. Thanks to Dr Gauri who avoided a painful surgery and extraction of a healthy tooth. Full credits to her.

Also my upper molar had a deep cavity. Usually any dentist would have easily opted for a root-canal and a crown. Because filling a deep cavity is a tiresome and lengthy process. But Dr Gauri, yet again, avoided a root canal and did a filling. After the process was over, when I saw the picture, the filling looked like the part of the tooth. It was sculpted so well. Just like an artist.

Really like the way how she explains the procedure before performing any activities, she also nicely explains how to take care, after completing it.

Visiting a dentist always scared me, until today.

Thank You Dr Gauri

Amol Kadam
Studying, Product Designing

Mallika Paranjpe, USA

Hello Dr. Gauri,

All the appointments for my teeth with Dr. Gauri Mulay were very pleasant, informative, and friendly. I have never met any dentist in India who would provide enough details about dental treatment. She examined each of my teeth very well and explained the current situation of my teeth as well as she made me aware of the future problems. I had some reservations about the root canal for one of my teeth but Dr. Gauri was so illustrative and smooth in her work that I never realized when I was done with the root canal. 🙂 While working on my teeth she would let me know about the next step, so I was never in shock that, “Oh my god please save me and let this doctor sit out of my mouth :).”

The best thing was each of my appointments with the doctor was on-time. Dr. Gauri gave me enough time to answer my disquisitions and never hurried-up. The charges were way too reasonable for the better health of my teeth.

She is one of the best dentists and I strongly recommend everyone to go to Dr. Gauri for the better health of your teeth.

Thanks Dr. Gauri!

Mallika Paranjpe

Priya Dahibhate, Pune

Hello Dr Gauri,

Just want to tell you, it feels good when you receive best dental treatment from one of the best dentists in Pune.

Mrs. Priya Dahibhate
House Maker