Dr. Gauri M Arbatti has always been passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge. From her days as a teaching faculty at Sinhgad Dental Colllege and now a tutor at Dr. Suvarna Nene’s Implant course, she is been dedicated in sharing her clinical experience of 16 years.

‘Oracraft Educare’ is an honest and sincere effort taken by Dr. Gauri towards providing continuing education in the field of dentistry. At present she conducts courses on Occlusion, Tooth Preparation and Impressions. Her clinical and academic experience is definitely beneficial for motivated clinicians, dental students and interns in day to day practice.

Emphasize is given on interactive teaching with demonstrations by keeping the number of participants limited so as to enhance the learning experience. She will share clinically relevant tips and tricks to do Good Dentistry!

For further details please call +91 982 204 7742; +91 982 208 7773

Or email us at: oracrafteducare@gmail.com