Crowns and Bridges

Crown is a dental restoration otherwise known as “a cap” which covers the entire tooth.
It may be required in case of:
1)   Extensive damage by decay.
2)   Broken down old or very large fillings.
3)   Fractured, chipped or sensitive teeth.
4)   Root canal treated teeth.
5)   Discolored unaesthetic teeth.
6)   Aesthetically compromised teeth.

A bridge is placed in case of missing tooth/teeth with teeth on either sides of the open space. A Bridge which stays fixed is used to replace one or several teeth. The teeth on each end of the space are used as anchors (abutments) for support. Bridges are not removable by the patient.

We provide a variety of crowns and bridges such as:
1)   All ceramic crowns ( LAVA, EMPRESS )
2)   Porcelain fused to gold.
3)   Porcelain fused to metal.
Our Crowns & Bridges are fabricated with materials sourced from some of the best manufacturers worldwide. This ensures that our patients get the finest in terms of quality for longevity & dazzling aesthetics.